Farmers Insurance Print

Client: Farmers Insurance
Agency: RPA Advertising
Role: Art Director

Problem: Farmers needed to create a print ad for Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce magazine that was not only relevant to small business, but also one that resonated with small businesses local to Los Angeles.

Solution: My copywriter and I created an ad that not only resonated with small businesses in Los Angeles by featuring well-known businesses covered by Farmers, but one that also conveyed the University of Farmers campaign by utilizing unique illustrations, hand-lettered typography, and educational themes.

SPCALA Out-of-Home

Client: SPCALA
Role: Art Director // Photographer

Problem: Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles needed to generate awareness for their Law Enforcement Division (Animal Protection Services) to aid in officer recruitment.

Solution: SPCALA is a non-profit organization, so I volunteered my time and skills to photograph their APS personnel and designed this recruitment poster for them, which was placed near their office in La Brea. 

SPCALA's officers are highly trained, sworn personnel and may exercise the powers of a peace officer anywhere in the state of California while investigating animal cruelty - so I portrayed them as the badasses they are.

Proof-of-Concept Posters

Role: Designer // Photographer // Retoucher


Re: Water Packaging Design (Proof-of-Concept)

Client: Speedilicious Beverages
Role: Art Director // Designer

Problem: The production and transport of plastic bottles is terrible for the environment.

Solution: Create a brand of bottled water that is purified locally for each region; packaged using aluminum bottles, which are more recyclable than plastic bottles.

Speedilicious Beverages approached me to design packaging concepts for a pitch to the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation. The designs utilize clean graphic elements and typography in order to differentiate from the competitors and create a pure brand image.