Honda Automotive Website Redesign (Proof-of-Concept)

Role: Art Director // Design
Agency: RPA Advertising

Problem: Honda was the only major automotive brand in the United States that did not have a modern website. Their website was out-of-date, difficult to navigate, and didn’t take advantage of modern browser capabilities. 

Honda tasked us with creating a proof-of-concept for a total website redesign and set several parameters and requirements for the assignment: How could it visually relate to the brand campaign without dating itself when that campaign ran it's course? Three promos had to be present. A persistent jellybean had to exist. The brand's other properties had to be accessible through this portal. How would social be integrated into the site? 

Solution: I designed a homepage for that was easy to understand and navigate, used vivid, bold imagery, and satisfied all of the established requirements. The social section would pull content from all active social channels and users could interact with the content without leaving the web experience.